Ham City Kev’s Top 10 Theme Songs from Shows Referenced in Episode 17 of 3BD

I’ll make this quick. One thing the 80′s has over every decade in the history of mankind? Best. TV Theme Songs. Ever.

Gord and I mention a bunch of 80′s shows on Episode 17 of 300 Bucks Damage, many of which have super-awesome intros. Here’s my own personal Top 10:

Honorable Mention: Mr Belvedere (stunningly not mentioned in the show)

10. Punky Brewster

9. Married With Children

8. Knight Rider

7. It’s Garry Shandling’s Show

6. Growing Pains

5. Cheers

4. The Wonder Years

3. Perfect Strangers

2. Just the Ten of Us

I know I said Just the Ten of Us was the all-time best on the show, but shit man, I don’t know how, but I was overlooking:

1. The Golden Girls

Enjoy having these songs in your head for a week!

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