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Gord and Kev ain’t afraid of no ghosts!


300 Bucks Damage – Episode 52 – Movie Villain Championships

300 Bucks Damage Episode 52

Gord and Kev are back! This time they’re arguing about who would win the greatest movie villain battle royal of all time.

Silly Childhood Beliefs

Gord and Kev realize the Easter Bunny was a hoax.

Urban Legends

Gord and Kev have a super secret story that they know for sure is true.

Walt Disney World

Gord and Kev recall childhood memories of the happiest place on earth.

Pet Peeves

Two mental patients yammer on for a half hour, discussing a bunch of random things they can’t stand.


Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays from 3BD!

Christmas Miracle on 34th Street

A Brand New 2010 IN REVIEW show will be posted before the end of they year! Be sure to subscribe to 300 Bucks Damage on iTunes, Zune, or whatever your RSS reader of choice happens to be! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, it’s the greatest podcast on the Internet!


Let’s all give thanks for family and food!



Halloween is right around the corner. Get your costume on and snag some sweets.

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