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Favorite Underappreciated Fictional Characters – George McFly

Welcome to another edition of “Favorite Underappreciated Fictional Characters.” In this series, Gord and I will discuss fictional characters we loved in the 80s and 90s who, for whatever reason, didn’t get the cred they deserved for being awesome. Sometimes they were too obscure for the public eye, sometimes they were simply overshadowed by a fellow character, etc. Here at, we are happy and proud to give them the praise they deserve. This week, we have…


“Hey you, get your damn hands off her!”

How awesome is George McFly? He contributes so much to the first Back to the Future that one wonders how they did the sequels without him (that’s a testament to the greatness of Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, I suppose). Next time you watch the original, take note that half of the funniest lines are delivered by George, both in the original 1985 and in 1955. For Christ sake, he took the line, “what Lorraine? What?” and made it pure gold.

Sure, Doc and Marty get all the credit for being the heroes in the series, but why does nobody talk about George? We laugh at him, laugh with him, cheer him on when its time to knock out Biff and save Lorraine, and then we all go a big softee when he delivers one of the greatest kisses in cinematic history to save Marty. He’s George, George McFly, and he’s our density.

George McFly, I salute you.

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