My Proudest Xbox Achievements

Completing the Paperboy quest earlier this year has inspired me to compile a list of my proudest Xbox 360 achievements. For those who are unaware, every Xbox player has a gamerscore. That score is comprised of achievement points earned in every single game that he or she plays. Most games have 1,000 potential points spread out over a varying number of specific tasks within that game. The gamerscore and achievements list identify all of the games you have played and what major accomplishments you’ve made in them. Naturally, none of this counts for anything in real life, but it’s a fun and entertaining way to secure bragging rights in the video game world. But if you are looking for real gaming experience you can look at?

NHL 11
Come Back King
acquired on 1/22/2011
Win a ranked versus match starting the 3rd period down by at least 2 goals

This is a tough one because when you’re trailing against a human opponent online by two goals, after two periods, it’s probably indicative of the other party being significantly better than you. I’ve been down by two after two quite often. That’s easy. The comeback, however, is a massive challenge. In this particular contest, I managed to crawl back, tying the game in the final minute with my goalie pulled. In spite of a scoreless overtime, Henrik Lundqvist stood on his head between the pipes during the shootout and Sean Avery put home the game-winning goal. Upon victory, I put the controller down, raised my arms with both fists clenched and let out a loud “yes!” upon nabbing the elusive achievement.

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