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Our good buddy Junkyard Jared (a.k.a. Crackerman), no stranger to blogging, recently started up a new blog titled “Stick to What You Know” which focuses on music, books, and movies (according to netflix, Jared and I share a 98% similar taste in movies. True story! Depending on the kind of person you are, this means Jared either has amazing taste in movies or no taste at all. YOU DECIDE!). Like me and Gord here at gordtep.com, Jared is in the beginning stages of this current enterprise, and thus far he’s even showing a hint of nostalgia with posts about Nick at Nite and Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em.

He was kind enough to support us on his blog with a post and a permanent link. This is his receipt. Please find a permanent link to his site on the right of your screen, under “Pages.” His goal is a new entry every other day, so visit often (and feel free to call him a “biter” for discussing Nick at Nite). Thanks, Jared. Personally, I legit-can’t-wait for your blog about the Golden Girls (I know it’s gotta come eventually).

As for us, don’t forget to tune in later this week for our Back to the Future episode which should be both amazing and utterly asinine, and as soon as I actually finish watching the acclaimed Soviet epic “Come and See” I’ll be posting a list of foreign films that should not be feared amongst us English speakers.

Until next time, I’m outta heeeeere.

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