Gord Tep’s Top 5 All-Time Randy “Macho Man” Savage Matches

This is not a pro-wrestling site, though I guess you wouldn’t know that from recent posts. However, today’s untimely death of my all-time favorite wrestler, Randy Savage, has inspired me to put up a list of my favorite Macho Man matches as a sort of tribute to one of my childhood heroes. Anybody who was a WWF fan in the 1980s had to love this guy. He was as charismatic a performer as anyone I’ve ever seen, and his athleticism was unparalleled. This was a guy who truly had the proverbial “it factor.”

So here it is, my top five favorite Randy “Macho Man” Savage matches:

5. Opponent: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair
Event: WrestleMania VIII
Date: April 5, 1992
What’s at stake: WWF Heavyweight Championship
NOTES: Though many didn’t give Savage a chance on this night, I was rooting for him with a packed house for my WrestleMania party. This was a memorable match for sure with Flair bleeding all over the place. Savage pulled it out using questionable tactics (a handful of tights), but nobody ever said Savage always played by the rules. This was an awesome surprise World Title victory.

4. Opponent: “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase
Event: WrestleMania IV
Date: March 27, 1988
What’s at stake: WWF Heavyweight Championship
NOTES: Savage claims the big prize for the first time in his career, winning four matches in one night. The finale of arguably the greatest tournament in pro wrestling history included interference from Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan, but it wrapped up with Savage dropping a picture-perfect flying elbow and celebrating with Liz on his shoulder in their famous pose.

3. Opponent: The Ultimate Warrior
Event: WrestleMania VII
Date: March 24, 1991
What’s at stake: Career vs. Career
NOTES: Though the Warrior was an extremely popular performer, he certainly wasn’t well known for his match quality. With few exceptions, Warrior was out of gas and putting on pathetic matches. This night was different though. Randy was so phenomenal in this match that people still talk about it 20 years later. Multiple flying elbow drops and a touching reunion with the lovely Elizabeth highlight the finish to this spectacle.

2. Opponent: Hulk Hogan
Event: WrestleMania V
Date: April 2, 1989
What’s at stake: WWF Heavyweight Championship
NOTES: This show had one of the biggest buy rates for any wrestling pay-per-view thanks to a phenomenal year-long storyline that culminated in the explosion of the Mega Powers at Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza. Savage carried Hogan to arguably the finest match of his career.

1. Opponent: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
Event: WrestleMania III
Date: March 29, 1987
What’s at stake: Intercontinental Championship
NOTES: This is probably the biggest event in wrestling history and Macho Man stole the show with Steamboat, putting on one of the greatest and most dramatic matches the world has ever witnessed. 78,000 (or 93,000, depending on who you ask) were there live to see this classic confrontation in Detroit’s Pontiac Silverdome.

Rest in peace, Macho Man.

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3 Responses to “Gord Tep’s Top 5 All-Time Randy “Macho Man” Savage Matches”

  1. Attilio Angelone says:

    I just want to say that you, Macho Man Randy Savage, were my favorite wrestler and you always will be. You were a legend and continue to be one. We have lost another great one, but in my book Macho Man, you were the greatest. I used to imitate you when I was a young teen. I would put on a show for everyone and they loved it. You were a true wrestler. Dedicated and devoted to the sport. Thank you for all the memories you leave with me and everyone who loves you. Thank God for video and dvd. I was shocked last week when I heard of your passing. I would have loved too have met you personally. Rest in eternal peace Macho Man.

  2. smurf says:

    didn’t know macho man already passed away until i read this post, rip macho man you were one of my favorite wrestlers. macho man’s match versus hulk hogan is one of the greatest fight i watched

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