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Good golf clubs and top of the line golf gear is going to improve your game in no time flat, but that’s not what we are going to be focusing on in this article today. Instead we are going to focus on what your mindset is going to need to be in order to prepare for what’s to come.


The 3 Types of Players and What They Need to Know in order to Take Advantage of the Fears You Can Empathize With

Let’s start with the most general type of players, the ones who are average-to-below average. The goal of this type of player is to be consistent and consistent on the course. This player can take their game to another level when they are able to properly “drive the ball” out of the rough. This is the type of player that you would want to focus on on the course since you’ll often find them with great putting.

The next type of player is the classically great. The classically great is a very talented athlete, who can display exceptional mental strength. This player has a tendency to be one of the best on a given day, but is also in a position to capitalize on a variety of different factors.

The final type of player is the two-way superstar. This player will exhibit exceptional athleticism on the course, but does have the mental strength to “embrace” the negative emotions that come with having to perform consistently. It can be a very frustrating year on the golf course, but the two-way superstar will often perform very well, consistently, and often.

Listed below are the 3 most common types of golfers you will come across, broken down into key traits and that can have an effect on your performance and play on the course. Remember these types of players only have to exist on the course and in the right situation for the fear to become real, and that’s why people practice a lot sometimes using equipment as a skytrak golf simulator which help a lot with their golf game.
The Effort

Most golfers will have a simple belief that playing at their best requires them to exert all their effort on the course. This can be a simple formula:

Play 100% of rounds you feel you can do well

Play as well as possible when you can’t

Play hard and feel great

If you are this type of golfer, you will have a much easier time in your career than the “natural” player, but if you are not, you will find it hard to constantly out play your opponent when your game is very inconsistent. Do yourself a favor and research how you can have a consistent win percentage playing 100% of your rounds.

“You can’t win without effort”

Bill Tilden

The Focus

This type of player doesn’t have to commit to 100% of their rounds, but will instead focus on making sure they’re playing at their best when it matters. This player will be able to win games of golf easily, if they know how to get a game plan in place on each hole.
“I can win anything without the focus”

Andy North

The “You won’t get far if you have no goals!”

This is the second main type of player that you will come across. This person is one of the smartest golfers you are likely to encounter and will probably still find themselves struggling to win many tournaments that they play. The purpose of this type of player is to “play to win”. This guy will not care about where they finish as long as they achieve their goals

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  1. Ham City Kev says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty much the same reaction I had when beating the NES version.

    I’m almost positive we’ve talked about this on 3BD. I had to have mentioned “Paperboy Retires in Glory” as one of the all-time worst video game endings.

    I can’t believe you don’t remember playing it in the arcade. The joystick was bike handlebars! How can you forget that?

    God help you if you find out another friend beat one of the harder versions.

  2. Gord Tep says:

    The other difficulty levels don’t even count to me — there’s no achievement for it & I never had any desire to even try… I completed two days on the “hard” level because it unlocked an achievement, but there’s nothing for getting through the week there…

    Paperboy Arcade

  3. Gabe says:

    Just like a lot of games from this era, I enjoyed it a lot. That is until I got killed hundred times and had to keep restarting levels. Wished Paperboy had a slingshot or something for that fucking dog that runs out!

  4. Doug says:

    Gotta say that I felt much the same way when I purchased this malevolent piece of work on xbla. Fifteen minutes of Easy Street and I was happy enough. Found out my girlfriend’s brother could beat Hard Way. The game had changed. It was fucking ON. Our rivalry has spanned nearly three years, on and off, toppling the king of the leaderboard by a good margin during our friendly competition. I can relate, man. Nice read!

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