300 Bucks Damage – Episode 48 – Action Movie Tough Guys

300 Bucks Damage Episode 48

Gord and Kev contemplate the greatest movie star battle royal of all time. Check out their tough guy qualifications in the final YouTube Playlist of the season!

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4 Responses to “300 Bucks Damage – Episode 48 – Action Movie Tough Guys”

  1. Ham City Kev says:

    Despite all the mistakes I made in this show, it’s still one of my favorites.

  2. Gord Tep says:

    About mid-way through, when we get into the whole battle royal, this really gets good… one of my favorites as well

  3. Brian says:

    Oh man, fantastic show guys. It was hilarious.

    The fight to the death reminded me of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

  4. Gord Tep says:

    Thanks! That vid was funny — BTW, if Hulk Hogan was in our fight, he might actually win. I see him no-selling Robocop’s flamethrower, hulking up, and putting him away with the leg drop.

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