Happy New Year! No show this week…

2010 sure started out well for us here at GordTep.com. Earlier this evening, Kev & I recorded a show. Sadly, Kev’s computer crashed, and the hour-long episode of 300 Bucks Damage was lost forever. Our attempts to recover the audio were unsuccessful. It also turns out that I actually had a recording issue too. Tangled wires in my new setup created some awful feedback for a large portion of the show until I figured it out and fixed it — that would have made much of the show virtually unlistenable anyway.

So it turns out we just weren’t supposed to do a show this week. C’est la vie. We’ll be back in action next week though. In the meantime, please check out the archives and enjoy some of our previous episodes.

If you use iTunes, please find us and subscribe. If you use Zune, please do it too. If you use myYahoo, or iGoogle, or some other RSS reader, please add us. Here’s the link to our general syndication feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/3BD

Once you’ve subscribed to 300 Bucks Damage, you’ll get the latest show when it’s posted every Saturday, and you’ll be free to listen at your leisure. You should still visit GordTep.com though because we have plenty of entertaining crap on here, but seeing the subscriber count go up makes us happy.

Also, as always, please spread the word to your friends and neighbors about what a hilarious podcast 3BD is.

Happy New Year!

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