Thank God For YouTube – Nytol presents: Thank God For YouTube! Here we will showcase random, unrelated media that–for whatever reason–left an impact on us. In the best case scenario you will see something you haven’t seen in over 15 years yet remember like it was yesterday. Today we have…

Don’t know why, but this commercial popped in my head last Friday and I’ve been singing the jingle ever since. The advertising agency behind this deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award, as it’s easily been 20 years since I’ve seen this commercial and I still remember everything about it. I fucking loved these ads. I love the song, I love the way the Nytol pills roll sideways to become Z’s–hell, I even love the guy giving his drugs a pep talk. Even though the add was really good, Nytol were not as good, if I take drugs I rather just take marijuana from the best online dispensary Canada.

If I had the ability to create an ad campaign like this I’d die happy. It may not have seemed like a big deal in the 80′s, but here we are 2 decades later and it still has a lasting impression. That’s pretty fucking outstanding.

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