Favorite Underappreciated Fictional Characters – John Doe

Welcome to another edition of “Favorite Underappreciated Fictional Characters.” In this series, Gord and I will discuss fictional characters we loved in the 80s and 90s who, for whatever reason, didn’t get the cred they deserved for being awesome. Sometimes they were too obscure for the public eye, sometimes they were simply overshadowed by a fellow character, etc. Here at GordTep.com, we are happy and proud to give them the praise they deserve. This week, we have…


Most people have seen Seven so this may seem like a crazy post, but it’s real simple: AFI doesn’t put John Doe on their list of the 50 Greatest Villains of all-time?! Seriously?! I know the AFI lists are horseshit, but really?! Are you fucking kidding me?! How do you miss Kevin Spacey’s brilliant performance as John Doe?!

AFI missed it. Empire Magazine missed it. In fact, the only people not missing it are dipshits like me in ding-dong blogs like this. Pisses me off…

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