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  1. Brian:

    My name is Brian. Your podcast has made it to Oregon and my ears so I have to add something. I have listened to the entire archive of your podcast and had to comment on a few things. First, your BTTF podcast was pretty kick ass, I have a theory as to why in the third movie the time machine wasn’t retrieved for fuel or parts in 1885. Doc Brown knew that the machine would make it intact to 1955 therefore, if he screwed with it in 1885 he risked altering the space time continiuum and preventing marty from traveling anywhere. I have to ask why you didn’t bring up a solid question from BBTF II. If the old Biff from original 2015 went back and changed 1985 why didn’t doc brown and marty immediately vanish because the time machine would have never been made, the doc would have been in the nut house. I could go on so many tangents from this one incident, but I will let it go.
    Secondly, I have an idea for a solid show. Beer commercials, or classic supperbowl commercials. They have changed in so many ways. I always think of how that damn budweiser commercial caused so many people to say that stupid ass thing with the tongue out and sort of sounding like hey.
    Anyway, love the show look forward to it every week to keep me awake on the ride in to work.


  2. Gord Tep:


    Thanks so much for listening! The feedback is always sincerely
    appreciated. We have just added a commercials to our list of upcoming
    show topics and have begun preliminary work on putting it all together.
    Ted Furgeson, Budlight Daredevil, is far and away my favorite beer
    commercial character. Check him out on YouTube if you don’t remember
    him. The spot where he has to listen to his girlfriend is one of my
    all-time favorites.

    Interesting points on BTTF. I still think Doc could have repaired the
    time machine in 1955, but I suppose it’s possible he was worried that
    he wouldn’t be able to — it’s also a huge risk. As for Doc not
    building the machine in Biff World — I think he still builds it and is
    in the nut house after it happens. After all, Biff would want Doc to
    build it as if it was never built, he’d never receive the almanac.
    Though he didn’t actually know Doc built it based on his conversation
    with Marty in the alternate ’85.

    In any event, thanks again for listening, and please spread the word.


  3. Brian:

    Holy smokes guys, have you seen this BTT3 clip? I’m shocked I’ve never heard of this before:

  4. Gord Tep:

    Kev actually showed me this recently — unbelievable… we will cover it
    on the show… Thanks!

  5. Gabe:

    The HBO theme is way older than the one I was thinking of and I’m four years older than you guys. Way cool. I do remember this. There was a box on top of the counsel tv just for HBO. And you were right. I think we had to press two buttons at once to go to a certain channel. Loved the 80′s show. I thought you guys would not have known much, being that all you said you did in the 80′s was walk around and crapping in your pants. Lmao. But you nailed it. LOVE the show!!! Btw, the most memorable thing about the 80′s for me was the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding upon takeoff.

  6. Gabe:

    Seriously. It’s driving me nuts already! What is the movie or show with the intro to one of your shows I heard today? “I had to rent a car, cause I missed the flight to Cleveland. Four o’clock you know. Then I had a flat tire on the highway. Had to change it myself with these pinkies”. I need to know useless information. Thank you.

  7. Gord Tep:

    Hey Gabe,

    The scene in question is Richard Pryor doing the “white guy” voice in Superman 3… probably the best part of the entire movie!


  8. Gabe:

    Hey now! Don’t know if I said this, but I subscribed initially because of the Biff picture. I was like WTF? I have to check this out. Loved it ever since. I LMAO! I can relate to so much. Oh yeah, I have a Zune too. So I feel ya’ Gord. Your not the only one. I have a love/ hate relationship with it. Love the Zune, hate the PC software. Had a million things I wanted to say about the Back to the Future show, but it would be too long. However, I’m with Kev (I think). It’s not just a movie. IT IS REAL LIFE! Ha ha. “Hey McFly! Your shoe’s un-belt!”.

  9. Gabe:

    That’s awesome. I figured it was from one of the show topics. Thanks. Now I can sleep. Check this out. This is my favorite Richard Pryor scene.

  10. Gabe:

    James Avery as Junkyard dog. That’s funny. Rocko’s Modern Life was another great one I thought was worth mentioning.

  11. Gabe:

    I couldn’t find Richard Pryor’s white guy impression on youtube or anywhere else, so I thought I’d cause a few bucks damage and create it. Here it is in case you want it on the playlist.

  12. brian:

    I use zune to get your podcast and am not getting anything past pee wee. What’s up with that? Is it me, or something else going on here?

  13. Gord Tep:

    Hey — we’re taking a summer break from the podcasts… However, keep your subscription so you’ll be alerted when we come back. There might also be some random audio appearing on the feed in the next month or so, so check back periodically. For the time being, we’ve been posting YouTube videos of a goofy video game competition…

    Thanks for listening and still feel free to spread the word — we’ve got a pretty decent archive of shows on a multitude of topics now… something for everybody in there!

  14. Brian:

    When are you guys coming back?

  15. Gord Tep:

    We should have some new material before the end of the year — thanks for keeping those itunes/zune subscriptions alive.

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