Ham City Kev’s Top 10 Old-School Game Tunes

Video game music has come a long way, but it’s nice to revisit the golden age. Here are my votes for the Top 10 Tunes from the 8 and 16 bit eras.

10. Generic NES Sports Game - Simple nostalgia, nothing else.

09. Excitebike - Simple nostalgia, plus it’s hilarious.

08. Tetris – Heard this music WAYYY more than the popular GameBoy theme.

07. Green Hill Zone – Im in my neighbor’s basement, instantly.

06. Marioland – My favorite of all Mario themes, a high honor.

05. Rush N Attack – Great soundtrack for a stabbing spree.

04. Dr Wily Theme - What list would be complete without it?

03. Double Dragon - I’d love to see a Tyson highlight video set to this music

02. Final Fantasy 4 – If you’ve played it, you get it.

01. Contra Base - Nothing’s better. I wish all FPS’s had an option to turn this theme on.

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